Wedding snapshots popular at the Grand Central

The Grand Central Terminal is popular for its Beaux Arts architecture work, light streaming via cathedral windows, a lofty ceiling as well as the popular, 4-faced clock on a golden base. It is a tourist magnet, a well known historic landmark and a working train terminal along with thousands of people streaming through daily.

It is also common, these days, to see grooms and brides there, decked out in full wedding regalia: flowing gowns, bridesmaids, groomsmen and bouquets as well as photographers. Karen Bussen, a New York based photographer, told that this is that juxtaposition of a moment of romance against the hustle and bustle.

Karen added that a lot of the couples taking wedding snaps at the Grand Central have no personal link to this. They are dropping their love story into this iconic place that lends romance and a larger sense of history.

When John Marchisi was told to shoot a pair’s engagement snaps at the Grand Central, his aim was to stop a moment in time for them. Utilizing a slow shutter speed, the photographer caught them in a still-life bubble along with hustle-bustle around them. He told that it was a metaphor for that feeling when 2 people are in love, how you could get lost in each other.

Photographers, at Grand Central, do not require a permit to shoot unless they are setting up lights, as per the Metropolitan Transportation Authority that handles the terminal.

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