Wedding Cake Decorating in 5 min – Learn The Secrets of Bakery

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    Wedding Cake Decorating in 5 min – Learn The Secrets of Bakery

    This incomparable vision in white looks like something out of a fairy-tale
    wedding. It’s astonishing what can be accomplished with a single round
    white tier, when layers and layers of white are applied, one on top of the
    other. The lacey doily effect that covers the top and drapes down the side
    is edged with a delicate woven edge, then additional sculpted trim, to give
    this design texture and that “oooooh” factor. Tassels, hanging from the top
    points of the scallops, bring even further drama into the limelight. The
    bottom edge of the cake is finished off with an icing ruffle, embellished
    with a combed effect. Crowning the affair is a clutch of magnificent
    hand-formed white roses, and sprigs of white, supporting tiny white pearls.
    This “White Wedding” could take honors in any line-up of wedding designs,
    and will add one more splendiferous memory to this all important occasion. 

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  3. ლ(◕ω◕ლ)

    Pfft….I can do better. Here, hold my beer…

  4. HowToCakeVideos
  5. HowToCakeVideos
  6. Antonio Scotti

    wow, it’s really impressive when someone can decorate a cake faster than it
    takes me to eat it, well done :D

  7. Lech Barrueta Arizábal

    “Decorando un pastel de bodas en 5 minutos”. ¿Cinco minutos? Yo lo quiero

  8. Them squiggly lines fucked it up and it felt rushed, but cute~

  9. Its pretty much good !
    But you should go pretty slow for slow catchers like me !

  10. That was fantastic and beautiful. I bet it tastes great too. None of that
    fondant nonsense. 

  11. thats some ugly cake right there

  12. Peeta? Is that you?

  13. It looked beautiful until you scribbled on it. 

  14. What is the cone number for the flower

  15. Easy Wedding Cake making with Roses tip and French Star tip in 5 min

  16. How do you not lick the fork everytime? They’res no way I could be a pastry

  17. HowToCakeVideos
  18. And then it will just get smashed on someone’s face

  19. Ashley Vandersteen

    lease do my cake when i get married

  20. How did you get your whipped cream so stiff and so smooth without cracking?

  21. It’s a fun video but the cake would not be good enough for a wedding. It’s
    a messy inconsistent rush job that clearly shows its been rushed. I did
    however enjoy the video. 

  22. I like the clean top surface better than the scribbly one cuz it looks like

  23. Woooooowww amazing, so fast and beutiful!!! God bless your hands

  24. Have you used whipped cream for the roses as well?

  25. Very very nice …..