Officer looking for those ‘monsters’ that stole elderly woman’s wedding band

Kalamazoo police are seeking to trace down three men who slipped jewelry from an elderly lady, including her wedding band.
William Moore, the Kalamazoo Public Safety Sergeant, said that this could have been his grandmother, this could have been anyone’s grandmother, and she is ninety-six years old. He wondered what kind of monsters would do engage in something like this.
The detectives of Kalamazoo Public Safety are expecting the people would be able to give answer to that last question of his. They are in search of a truck that was carrying three middle-aged, white men near Golfview earlier on Tuesday.
That is the time when the three thieves came at the doorstep of the victim. Moore stated that what they primarily did was knock on the door and say “you need your roof fixed.” The ninety-six year old lady fell for that scam.
The old lady allowed the man to enter her home. They, then, asked for a bucket of water and created a distraction. While she was filling the water buckets, the thieves went to her room and stole many jewelry pieces. Moore stated that the one important piece of jewelry they took was a ring from the year 1945 as a wedding band.
The wedding ring was bought at the Morrison Jewelers in Downtown Kalamazoo. On Wednesday, the employees of the store went back into their old records of the past seventy years to find a description of the ring detectives could share with pawn shops and also with the public.
Moore said that they are very passionate regarding this. They often get cases like this. But this is of a ninety-six year old lady’s.

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